• New CD Black Pencil LA VOLTA released

The latest CD production of Black Pencil, including late 16th century music and new contemporary music compositions.



A documentary produced by the VisiSonor Foundation about the Amsterdam blockflute (recorder) tradition.

  • Black Pencil performs FOUR programmes in 2019-2020

Four exciting programmes for next season 2019-20 performed by Jorge Isaac and BLACK PENCIL.


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The VisiSonor Foundation


The VISISONOR Foundation produces high quality projects in the field of:


Early, Classical and Contemporary Music

Solo and chamber music

Interdisciplinary Performances

Multimedia Installations

Research Projects



VisiSonor was founded in 2003 by the Recorder player Jorge Isaac. Exciting and innovative works
are created every year. The productions are performed in different countries, featuring
musicianship of the highest quality and top rate professionalism.


VisiSonor is currently producing a number of exciting projects, being performed over 10 different countries.


The latest activities include the programmes Sit Fast, Black Pencil's Best, Interior 123, La Volta, and Totaliter Aliter, all performed by the BLACK PENCIL ensemble.